Skin in the game

I played ultimate frisbee for eight or so hours on Saturday. I can't say as I was happy with the results; we rather collapsed at the end. But it was still a fun season; I certainly can't complain about the season as a whole.

The reason I bring it up, though, is that I ended up with quite a bit of sunburn. Which, as one would expect, left me peeling quite a bit yesterday (and a little bit today, as well).

This got me thinking about a short passage in one of the last two Dresden books where Harry makes an aside about how careful he has to be about making sure not to leave any bit of himself around for rival/enemy thaumaturges to find. And I wonder how he manages to never get enough sun to be peeling.

I think it'd be interesting if he were framed for a crime in the next book, where he had to provide DNA evidence. Would he let it happen?

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