Fantasy through a lens

I really need to get my thoughts on The Time Traveller's Wife down; it's been blocking me for a month, now. For the nonce, I'll just say that there was some stuff I liked, and some I didn't, and the balance between the two is what's been holding me back.

But in any event, I was watching Jeopardy again yesterday, and the champion (Christie Cavada? I tried to make a note of it, but I'm terrible with names, and forgot it again) mentioned a project of taking pictures of science fiction authors. This reminded me of a book I'd bought a number of years ago, probably when I was in the Sci-Fi Book Club, called Faces of Fantasy.

Back when I bought it, I looked through it a bit, read the pages written by favorite authors (each author is mentioned with a picture and a page that they wrote along the lines of 'Why do I write?'). But I think I didn't read it particularly carefully.

In any event, watching Jeopardy again tonight, I was reminded of the book, and pulled it out this time. Obviously, I was wrong about the association, since it's by Patti Perret, but I started reading parts of it again.

And I started paying more attention to the photos. And my recent experience taking pictures informed that attention.

It's a very good book; some of the authors have very deep things to say, particularly about fantasy as a genre/medium. While I've again mostly paid attention to stuff written by authors I already know, there are a couple whose books I'll be seeking out.

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