Sunrise Waltz

The game tonight was a lot less frustrating than the last several. The Caps dominated from start to finish, ending in a 7-3 victory. It was good to see the results coming with the effort, quite unlike the game against Tampa the other day, where the Caps dominated play, but lost due to some unlucky bounces on shots and great goaltending from Niitymaki.

Is it just me, or does Niitymaki seem to play particularly well against the Caps? His overall stats are very good, but not great, yet the Caps seem to have an awfully hard time against him. Or maybe it's just the selection of games I've seen against him the last couple of seasons.

In any event, tonight was great. They got back half of their gap from 4gpg that they had lost over the prior eight games. It'd be sweet if they could get eleven over the next two games to get back to that mark.

One thing the team did much better in this game was that they were crashing the net often and effectively. If they can keep doing that, and cut down on the odd-man rushes they allow, they'll be unstoppable.

Now we just have to hope that the rest of the team doesn't try to coast when Ovie gets back. And as a side note, that was a horrible call that got Ovie the major/game misconduct and the suspension. Really; it was just terrible. I'm really amazed Campbell was hurt so badly; it looked like he hit about the way you'd want to hit if you're going to crash into the boards and ice. Hopefully he'll recover more quickly than they're projecting.

One other thing I need to look into soon; Hershey is absolutely tearing up the AHL this year. Who's contributing to that who'll be joining the team next year?

Oh, and a nod to Carlson, who's been very good over the past several games.

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