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I haven't posted in quite a while; my wife and I just moved two weeks ago. We'd lived at our previous house longer than I'd ever lived in one place, at seven years (and two weeks, but who's counting?). My previous long was only five and a half years, and we left that house over twenty-five years ago. I never really thought of myself as being particularly peripatetic, but that summary sure sounds like it.

College was what really threw things into turmoil. I lived in one dorm freshman year, two different ones my second year (technically, I was a junior), and then it got really confused. Between co-op and a variety of other things, I moved a dozen or so times over the next six or seven years. It did get me to cut down a lot on my earlier pack-rat tendencies.

In any event, not only had we lived in that house so long, but it was the first move involving all of the possessions of both my wife and myself, not to mention the first since our daughter was born, so there was a lot of stuff to be moved.

Man, was there ever. The movers did a good job getting 90% of our stuff moved in one day (six of them with two trucks; didn't realize a three-bedroom townhouse could hold that much). By the time they arrived, half of my books, and all of my CDs, movies, and electronics were already moved (I'd done that on my own). And it still took us four more days to get the last stuff moved over or thrown out. With my wife and I taking turns going over at night, after putting our daughter to bed, to sort out and move stuff. Ouch. Oh, and we only moved about four miles.

Anyway, we're finally completely out of the old house, and working on getting unpacked at the new house. Hopefully, more posting will be happening now.

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