Fireworks Surprise

Happy surprise on the fourth, this year. Previous years, we'd had friends over for BBQ, then walked down to the Iwo Jima memorial (about a mile away). That made for a nice vantage for seeing the fireworks on the mall.

This year, however, since we moved, that just isn't feasible. We debated for a while on where we'd go, and how we'd get there. But having a good time, combined with our daughter going to bed, led us to decide to just watch the fireworks on TV. A couple of minutes after that started, however, we heard a couple of very large BOOMs (much too large for neighbors to be setting them off) out our front window.

We ran to the front of the house, to look out, and saw that the Country Club across the street was putting on quite a fireworks show. We walked out into the front yard, and proceeded to watch that show for the next half hour or so.

That was very cool. Even better, despite being close enough that we could hear the launching, as well as the explosions, our daughter didn't wake up. Yay!

We thought that was going to be the second thing that we'd be missing in the move, but it turns out that it got even better. Woot!

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