Hockey night (not) in Canada

I turned on the hockey game tonight, hoping to see if the Habs lost their minds again vs the Sens, but it wasn't on at all.  Just the Pens and Isles, which is probably the last series I actually want to watch.

But I was stuck with it, so I left it on for a while.  Long enough to see the Islanders outplaying the Pens pretty seriously, and to take a 1-0 lead in the first.  Between periods, I had to turn the game off (had to distract my son for a while), and didn't get back to it until I put the kids to bed.

So I turned it on with a couple minutes left, and was thrilled to see the Isles were still up by a goal (less so that the Pens had scored four in the intervening time, but you take what you can get).  Even better, just after I turned it on, the Isles stopped the Pens just past the blue line, quickly moved it up-ice, and Cizikas put a weak shot off of Fleury's hand (it was an atrocious attempt at a save, on a shot that wasn't even on-net) and into the net.  I'm thinking TVo will be starting for Pittsburgh next time.

The Islanders just played defense to their raucous crowd after that, and kept the Penguins from getting close to scoring.  Glorious.

After their initial shut-out, and doubly so when I heard Crosby was coming back for Game 2, I was quite willing to write off the series (actually, I was almost ready to write it off before it started).  But the Islanders have outplayed the Pens three games in a row now, so they might be able to pull off the huge upset.  I'm hoping.

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