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I can't say as I've biked nearly as much as I would like, but I have done a bit more biking over the last couple weeks.  Cyclemeter is very cool, and I like the additional (and more precise) data coming from the heart rate and speed/cadence meters.  I wish power meters weren't so freakin' expensive, though; I read an article this morning on why they're so expensive, and I believe all the reasons, but it's still as much as a decent bike.  I'd love to have the data, but it isn't worth nearly that much to me.

I still haven't done anything over four miles, though, and most bikers would barely consider that a warm-up (it's mostly been due to time constraints that I haven't done more).

I should get a much longer ride in tomorrow, and will probably start looking at bikes soon.  I'd like to get an actual road bike; I think that'll help quite a bit.  But it probably won't be for a month or two.  I've done a lot of research, and am ready to start test-riding.  I probably won't buy anything until the end of the season, however; I'll spend a pretty penny on it, but I'd like the additional value.

Plus, I think I want to get a display for the bike that will continuously show speed and cadence; I might go with the Wahoo RFLKT+.  I was trying to avoid something like that, but I don't like the phone display turning off.  And I don't think I'd like the battery effects of having that screen stay on.

We'll see, maybe I'll try the phone display, and see how much it chews the battery.  I'm pretty sure it's a lot, though.

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