video game thoughts

I was just reading this article, and had a few thoughts on the end. I've gotta admit, I very much doubt his statement about Sony not making another $400 video game console. Although I also don't really see much in the way of new consoles in the foreseeable future. I'm really not sure where the next generation of console games will get something different at all, for that matter.

Nintendo could start doing hi-def, I suppose. And I suppose that Sony and Microsoft could copy nintendo's controllers. But I certainly hope there's something more to it than that.

Maybe better graphics controllers on all three systems, and bit more CPU and memory.

But these all seem like tweakish things, nothing really new.

Anyway, I'm sure better minds than mine will come up with something. And while I won't say it definitely will cost $400, I wouldn't be surprised if it did.

And as far as his comments about games... I don't believe it. So far, what these challenges have meant is that they fall back on proven formulas. How frickin' many shooters, racing games, and one-on-one fighting games do we need?

Seriously, going to arcades has gotten boring; there just aren't enough different types of games.

So, while I wish this would push the companies to make better games, I just can't say as I can see it happening.

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