Moments in hopelessly bad advertising

I saw an ad today for a drug for COPD. I'm not going to name the drug, because I'm skeptical about the usefulness (it strikes me as one of those where they made up the "syndrome" to match the drug, rather than the other way around), and because I really don't agree that drug companies should be advertising to consumers directly. (Or that they should be able to bribe doctors, but that's a separate issue about which I know virtually nothing.)

Anyway, this commercial started out, "I took [drug x] five minutes ago, and I'm already feeling better." So, we're supposed to believe that you agreed to do a commercial, signed a contract, went through costume and make-up before you actually took the drug? That's really what you want to say?

And no, there was no disclaimer in there about the person being a paid actor in simulated circumstances, or some such.

So it starts off completely believably.

And then, at the end, it goes completely cliche (with a cliche you really don't want to go along with), where they say that [company Y] might provide your first prescription for free. Yeah, I've heard that "The first one's free" is a common offer by drug dealers. And you somehow agreed to let this go on the air?

What were these people thinking?

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