Swinging for the Fences?

I've been hearing quite a few rumors recently about Apple developing a tablet-like device (iSlate?). But this post at Daring Fireball congealed some thoughts for me. It says:
The Tablet, I say, is going to be Apple’s new answer to what you use for personal portable general computing.

I think that's not quite right. I think it's going to be for all sorts of media consumption, but nigh-useless for media creation and editing. And I think gaming will be restricted to iPhone app-like games. Why? Mostly because the interface will be too clunky for that, but too smooth for consumption to be ignored.

And I think the only video output will be HDMI (or maybe mini-DisplayPort, sold with a to-HDMI adapter).

So it will replace the Apple TV (hence no meaningful revisions to that in so long), but give nice portability functionality as well. And, in a pinch, it'll function as an iPod or Kindle as well. And, of course, it'll let you browse the web while on the can. :)

I'd have no problem finding uses for that. But if the Kindle part is right, they better skip DRM on books and magazines.

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