non-local blackout?

Man, NBC's coverage of the Olympics gets suckier and suckier. First there was the USA-Canada game getting pushed to MSNBC, which meant that I could only see a few minutes of it. Now they don't even show what was supposed to be THE marquee matchup of the entire hockey tournament... what was widely expected to be the gold medal game?

Granted, it didn't turn out to be much of a game, and I'm shocked that Ovie apparently didn't bring his "A" game (although I'm actually happy that Russia is out; now Ovie and Semin will get a bit more rest before finishing the season), but that's hardly something that they could have predicted.

As a side note, I caught the coverage of the 4x10km cross-country race, and that was one hell of an anchor leg by the Norwegian Petter Northug. Damned impressive. They had one shot of him after the race ended, and it looked like he had done it all on adrenaline, and was completely spent. Major kudos to him for giving it his all.

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