Ugly, but we'll take it

I only got to watch a tiny bit of this one. I saw the initial goal and a few minutes. I was able to tune in again for a minute in the second intermission, and saw that I'd missed eight goals without the score differential changing. Boy, that was weird.

And then I tuned in at the very end to see that they'd won by a goal.

Allowing five goals? Ugly.

Scoring six? Nice.

Being a goalie in that game? Ouch!

But Ovie gets his 500th point, Backstrom gets five points of his own, and the team wins.

We'll take it, we're not proud. :)

Tomorrow night should be interesting, being Atlanta's first game without Kovalchuk. As long as the Caps don't expect to win just by showing up (like they did in game seven against Pittsburgh last year), they should have an easy time of it.

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