Cheesehead Champs

Watched the Superbowl this evening, mostly in realtime. The Packers sure brought it at the beginning of the game, but took almost the entire third period off before sealing the win at the end.

The Steelers really shot themselves in the foot, though, with three turnovers. Well, probably shouldn't blame those on the Steelers; they were both very nice plays by the Packers (the first by the lineman who hit Roethlisberger as he was releasing the ball, the second by the safety who picked it off).

I did like the option play that the Steelers ran for the two-point conversion to pull within a field goal late in the game. I was disappointed that the Packers didn't do more designed roll-outs. The one that they did run worked quite well, but they didn't come back to it, for some reason.

I must admit one thing was disappointing. The reason I watched most of the game in realtime was that I wanted to see the commercials, but I didn't really think any of them were especially good. By far, my favorite was this Volkswagen commercial that I had already seen last week.

There were lots of upcoming movies; Kung Fu Panda 2, Transformers 3, Pirates of the Caribbean 4, and Fast and Furious 5. Non-sequels? Well, there were a few, though Rango is the only one that stuck in mind. It's too early to be too sure, but it's entirely possible that Panda is the only one of those I'll watch.

I thought the halftime show was reasonably good, although the bar there is so low that I'm not sure that's actually a compliment.

Anyway, congratulations to the Cheeseheads, you are the Champions again.

Side note: my dad called earlier today, and asked if the baby was trying to come out today. I was a little confused about that (he's due soon, but not today), until he reminded me that I was born on Superbowl Sunday, and said he was contemplating it being a generational thing. Thankfully, no.

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