Feeling Great, of Late

Been a bit quiet of late, because my wife gave birth to our son about a week ago. As anyone with kids can tell you, that really makes it hard to do much requiring more than ten minutes.

So I've missed most of the Caps games since then. I saw the Sharks game, to some disappointment (and even greater disappointment when I heard that Boudreau had called out Neuvy after the game. The first goal there might have been a bit soft, but he'd played a fabulous game, and absolutely did not deserve that). The Kings game was pretty similar, with the Caps playing well for the first period and then falling apart. I completely missed the Yotes and Ducks games. I saw a bit of the latter Sharks game, but am having trouble calling any specifics of it to mind. And I totally missed the Sabres game last night.

But I've got this little guy to look after, so no worries.

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