Monotonous Thoughts

So, I've been putting together this theater for the last couple of months. Well, to be fair, a remodeling company did the large work (framing, paint, carpeting, power-level wiring, conduit for other wiring, some sound-proofing), and I did the littler pieces.

I've used/known about monoprice for several years, mostly for wiring. But in putting this theater together, I've been finding more and more stuff that they carry. In this case, I got rack-mount UPS's, projector mount, wall plates for a variety of recepticles, plus a boat-load of cables, convertors, and connectors from them.

The UPS's and projector mount were the big surprises in the last week. And I should point out that the projector mount is, literally, 1/10th the cost of the other mounts I was considering.

These guys are great.

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