UPS (What can brownout do for you?)

This weekend, the power decided to get a bit wonky when it was raining. It ended up going off five times over the course of a couple of hours, being off for the grand total of a second or two. Of course, this chopped my recording of the Caps game into five pieces, resulting in me missing a bit of the game.

Thankfully, it didn't kill any of the electronics, but it sure had worried about that happening. Time for several new UPS's, I guess. sigh

We were awfully spoiled at our old house. Since all the power lines were buried, there, we lost power twice in the entire seven years we lived there. One of them was a hurricane, where we lost it for only five minutes or so, while the other was a power company upgrade, which lasted several hours.

It does make me wonder... When a new neighborhood is going in, why don't they bury the power lines (and phone lines, come to that) at the same time they're burying the gas lines. Yes, it is two companies, but how hard would that be to coordinate? That should allow cutting the cost in half (maybe less, if they can get the phone company in at the same time). I know, I'm trying to apply logic in a situation where it probably shouldn't.

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