Writing that last reminded me that the Cards and Phillies were playing game five, so I turned that on for the last two innings. A 1-0 score was not what I would expect from those teams, although I guess it isn't a complete shock, with Halladay and Carpenter pitching.

Well, that was the score when I turned it on, and that was the final margin, as well.

Everyone was afraid of the Philies in a short series, with their incredible rotation. But it turns out not to have been quite good enough. Although I'm not disappointed, you can certainly count me among the surprised.

And I'm somewhat amused that Howard came up for the final out, as I've been hearing all season from Philies phans that he's such a great clutch hitter (hence, those enormous RBI totals). I am sorry that he hurt his ankle, however; I hope it isn't serious.

Anyway, congratulations to Carpenter and all of the Cardinals, I'm looking forward to seeing them playing the Brew Crew.

And I'm amused to note that all three Central division teams advanced, and that the one non-Central team is Texas, who probably should be in the Central division (just based on geography).

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