Those playing a lot of Jetpack Joyride have probably noticed that certain gadget combinations have names. I've finally made a list of all of them. Here they are:

Air Barrys and Grav-Belt: High Mobility
Air Barrys and X-Ray Specs: Futuristic Fashion
Air Barrys and EZ-Dodge Missiles: Air Dodger
Nerd Repellent and X-Ray Specs: Nothing to See Here
Nerd Repellent and Free Ride: Disaster Averted
Nerd Repellent and Flash: Not So Lonely
Insta-ball and Grav-Belt: Serious Bounce
Insta-ball and Freeze: Just a Little Further
Insta-ball and Flying Pig: Fantastic Contraptions
Missile Jammer and EZ-Dodge Missiles: Mild Missiles
Missile Jammer and Dezapinator: Quality Control
Token Gift and Magnetic Tokens: Spin Doctor
Token Gift and Free Ride: Instant Satisfaction
Token Gift and Lucky Last: Beat the House
X-Ray Specs and Free Ride: Transport Tycoon
X-Ray Specs and Lucky Last: Fortune Teller
Gemology and Flying Pig: Glazed Ham
Gemology and Coin Magnet: Kaching
Gemology and Flash: Petty Cash
EZ-Dodge Missiles and Flying Pig: Miss Piggy
Magnetic Tokens and Coin Magnet: Magnetic Personality
Magnetic Tokens and Lucky Last: Great Odds
Flying Pig and Coin Magnet: Smash and Grab
Flying Pig and Flash: Odd Couple
Free Ride and Turbo Booster: Speedy Steakfries

So, mostly funny. Some seem fairly obvious, and some are quite clever. Regardless of what you think of any of the specifics, a cool idea to name them.

Also, to update an earlier post: it appears that one of the subsequent patches removed the ability to ignore missiles at high speeds.

And two extra tidbits on specific gadgets. It appears that doing a Free Start (either kind, and whether won or purchased) when you have the coin magnet gives you all coins before the end of the Free Start, not just those that you're close enough to attract. Oh, and yes, that's even true when you're also using Gemology. It isn't the case with Final Blasts (again, purchased or won), although you do get some amusing eye candy when you are close enough to attract them.

The other involves the Nerd Repellent. While it does turn off Flashing Lights, that part of it is inactive if you have a Flashing Lights mission. Even to the point of the Lights being on at the start of a game, and turning off when you finish the mission. I would imagine the same is true of High Fives, but I've never tested that one.

Update: It turns out that High Fives do not work with Nerd Repellent at all.  There's also one oddity with flashing lights and NR.  The first flashing light doesn't light up, but still gives the visual effect of having been touched, when NR is active and you have that mission.  Weird.  Bug, I guess, but not a big one.

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