Everything old is new again

With the releases of OS X 10.8.2, iOS 6, and the iPhone 5, it's no surprise that a lot of things needed to be updated.  so when I looked at available updates this morning, and saw quite a few, that wasn't exactly a surprise.

What made it a happy pleasure is that both jetpack joyride and tiny tower had updates.  Mostly it was support for iOS6 and iPhone5 screen dimensions, but both had substantive changes as well.

Well, mostly cosmetic for Jetpack Joyride, as far as I can tell.  The lasers' pre-blast looks a bit different (and cool), and there's a new background (a lava cave).  There seem to be two new outfits (I say seem to be, because it's been a long time since I paid attention to clothing selection.  I'm pretty sure the basketball outfit is new, but I'm less certain about the hazmat suit).

One thing that was probably there already, but which I hadn't noticed, is that the profile screen now includes a whole section on gadgets.  Nothing particularly useful, but certainly amusing.  There are also two achievements I hadn't noticed, but I again suspect these were already there (Rejected, for missing the token gift, and walkies, which is secret but surely involves Flash).

The more interesting side is Tiny Tower.  It added eight new floors again.  It also made a way to select from available floors, which takes a lot of coins.  Early on, that might be useful; I'm not sure.  I started building all eight, but it'll be a few days before I get any completed.  The only one I know the identity of is the Italian Restaurant.  I'm anxious to see the others.  Gonna be a bit crazy when everything matures at once.

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