A breakthrough?

Feeling a little better about my m4d sk177z (hah!) on jetpack joyride.  Since having to start over again on missions and such, I think I've been improving steadily (my average distance has been increasing), but not dramatically.  My longest game had only gone up by 1-200 meters (over 4000 games), and that was a little depressing.

I finally managed to nudge it rather more this morning (waiting around for a package); I just improved it by a bit more than a kilometer, which felt really good.  It would have felt a bit better if I could have managed a couple hundred more, and broken 10km, but it still felt quite good.  Interestingly, I did nothing else record-setting within the game; I did pretty well with each vehicle I got, but never close to a record with that vehicle.

Maybe I'll go back to reading Butcher's latest (very happy-making Christmas present), and savor the feeling a bit longer.

Oh, and a couple of notes on records I've never gotten around to writing down.  I recently confirmed that the Most Coins Collected in the profile not only includes those gotten via Final Spin, but even includes counterfeiter doubling.  Most Tokens Collected, by contrast, doesn't even include those from Final Spin.  Not sure if the contrast is a bug, or was a conscious design decision.  Definitely seems odd, regardless.

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