The invisibile man

Caught the off-beat Australian movie, Griff the Invisible, recently.  And it was pretty far off-beat.

A young office worker puts on a costume to stop criminals in Victorian costumes who are scaring people in his neighborhood.  Outside of those activities, he's definitely a nebbish who gets bullied by one of his co-workers.

And then, his brother (who returned from Adelaide to look after him) starts dating a scientist who's a bit misunderstood.  At the very least, her parents can't understand her at all.  And neither can Griff's brother, we soon find out.

But that leaves Griff very confused, not least because he doesn't want to put her in danger.

And, of course, there's one other issue that I failed to get for quite a while.  There were lots of hints, but those only left me confused; I somehow failed to put it together.

But I enjoyed the movie quite a bit.  Funny and quirky tends to go up my alley, and this definitely did.

Oh, and there weren't a lot of special effects, but they did a nice job with the few that they used.  And the soundtrack was pretty nice; I wouldn't mind getting it, but it's only available as a very expensive import, unfortunately.

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