Bravely Ralphing

I think maybe I'm getting close to writing about the trip to HK, finally.  On the planes, each way, there was a huge selection of movies available (over 100).  I'd loaded a bunch of movies onto my iPad, in expectation of playing them on the plane, and didn't even touch it.

Anyway, I'm not going to talk about them now, but after seeing one of Posnanski's recent columns, I do have to write at least a few words about Pixar's releases last year.

What ties them together is that, while I'd seen Brave long before we left, I didn't see Wreck-It Ralph until the flight back (wasn't available on the flight over; let's hear it for coming back in a different month, so the selection got updated a little bit).

Brave certainly had better art, of the two (which was actually deliberate; Ralph was done as a throw-back to eight-bit game systems), and its Merida's Day Off sequence was better than any part of Ralph.  But as a whole, Ralph was much better.

Better characters, better plot, funnier, more creative idea... You name it, it was better.

So, despite the fact that I pay very little attention to the Oscars, I was still surprised that Brave won over Ralph.  A grave injustice was done.  (Heck, I also managed to catch Hotel Transylvania on the way back, and I think that might have been better than Brave also, although that's a closer call.)

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  1. The first 30 minutes or so had me pumped up like no other but once that big twist in the story happens, it all goes downhill from there. However, kids will love the heck out of this film and you can’t go wrong with them. Nice review.