Shot, and a miss

Went down to the Mall, this morning, to try to take some shots of the sunrise.  My plan was to go to the West edge of the WWII Memorial, and take advantage of the water, there.  Well, it was a morning of disappointments.

First, I got there about ten minutes later than I'd intended, and for a sunrise, that's a huge miss.  I didn't miss the sunrise, but I did miss some of the predawn light.  Second, the water in the WWII Memorial was drained (for winter, I assume).  Third, they were doing construction on that edge of the memorial, so there was no way to set up anywhere close to where I wanted to be (not that that mattered much, when there was no water, but it was a bit insulting to be denied quite so emphatically).

I ended up at the other end of the Reflecting Pool, and took a few.  Nothing I was thrilled with, but some decent shots.  Now to see if it's likely to be clear tomorrow morning (if what I saw last night is any indication, the answer is no :( ).

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