We Want that Conversation

You almost have to laugh, listening to Obama spinning the surveillance revelations that keep on coming.

Saying that he welcomes the conversation.  Yeah, that's why we needed a whistleblower to reveal what's been going on.

Saying that there are checks and balances.  Yeah, the secret court that rubber stamps everything.  And the Congress that knew everything about it, so they could keep it in check.  It kills me how we're now finding out how some members of Congress were deliberately keeping others (most of the others) in the dark about what was going on.  As if the administration hiding all possible knowledge wasn't bad enough.

Saying that there will be an independent review.  Yeah, reviewed by a board appointed by the guy running the show.  That shows independence.  I wonder if they'll even be allowed to suggest any changes.  And if they'll have the requisite clearance.  And if they'll get honest answers to their questions.

I can't say that anything that's happened has been a huge surprise, but it certainly shows a serious lack of integrity on the part of just about everyone in the White House.  And that definitely doesn't make it any less disappointing.

The other part that's seriously disappointing is that none of the Republicans are pushing back against Obama based on this.  I mean, they made it clear that, no matter what Obama wanted (even when he took previously-Republican positions), they were going to say no.  But they haven't said no on this.

I almost wish Obama would use it against the GOP, so they could see how pernicious the whole situation is.  Because apparently, as long as it isn't used on them personally, they have no problem with it.

Thomas Payne is certainly rolling over in his grave.

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