I'm certainly not big on astrophotography, but I was amused to hear, yesterday, that Nikon came out with a new model specifically for that.  It's a slight update to the D810 (called the... wait for it... D810a) that has slightly tuned sensor detection, and allows for longer programmed shutter intervals.

While I haven't really done any astrophotography, I'm certainly interested, so this caught my attention.  Especially once I heard about the shutter part.  I don't do a lot of exposures longer than 30s, but they do happen from time to time, and they're a pain on my D4.

Anyway, I probably won't buy one ($3700), but I'd like to.

It's cool that they have it, although it seems like a very small niche, so it surprises me that they're making it.  And I'm especially surprised they didn't introduce a special lens for it, although maybe the recently-introduced 55mm f/1.4 is that lens.

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