Boring ride?

Not much going on with my ride this morning.  I got up early, but somehow managed to not get out of the house any earlier, which was annoying.

I rode down to Shirlington (almost), but turned right instead of left at Four Mile Run.  I took the bike path from there all the way back up to Wilson Blvd, took that across to Roosevelt/Sycamore, then got back on the bike path to West St, turned a block early for Great Falls Rd, and found myself on Highland (which is basically just a big hill, up and down, running parallel to I-66).  That took me all the way to Haycock, which was fine (I was going to take Great Falls to Haycock anyway), and I cut across the back way from Haycock and Westmoreland, over to Powhatan.

From there, it was a straight shot home.  A total of almost fifteen miles, which is a little shorter than I really wanted to do.

However, it's a good thing I didn't try to do any more, because I got home a few minutes later than I'd wanted, anyway.

Part of that was not getting out of the house as early as planned.  The other part was that I was going slower; I couldn't see my RFLKT+ for much of the ride, so I couldn't use the power meter to pace myself.  And my power output was much lower than the 120W that I target (91W, actually, although that includes averaging in the two minutes or so of the meter dropping communication).  So despite doing a lot of riding in the drops, I was definitely going quite a bit slower than normal.  Having a bit more hills than usual also didn't help.

The one good thing was that there was supposed to be quite a bit of rain, and there turned out to only be a little bit.  It was enough that I'm glad I dressed for it, but most of the ride was still fairly dry.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a bit cooler, but completely dry.  Not sure if I should consider that exchange to be a win.

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