Or not sprung

This morning's ride was supposed to be fairly warm (40-ish F), but turned out to be a little chillier (34-37F).  My first hint at that came before I'd even closed the door to the house, but I decided that it would be fine once I got moving (even though this was going to be an easy ride).

Well, my rain jacket (it was supposed to rain, if not right away, then soon) was not quite warm enough.  I managed, but a long-sleeve base layer would have done much better than the light jersey I was wearing.  And I should have worn the shell gloves over the gloves I wore.  They're supposed to be fine down to 20F, and they weren't.  The irony there is that I wore them yesterday, with the shells, when it was a few degrees colder, and that was fine (but also on a more vigorous ride).  I'll have to see how they do in that temp on an easy ride, with the shells.

Other than that... well, I only wore knee warmers on my legs, and those were fine.  I had the rain covers on my shoes, which turned out to be unnecessary (and possibly silly, since I eschewed my rain pants).

For the ride itself, though, I got out a little early and did most of the trail loop around Arlington (I cut off a couple miles by taking George Mason Dr all the way to Shirlington instead of detouring at I66).  It ended up at 19 miles, which worked out perfectly, timing-wise, so I'm glad I did (although the temperature did factor into the decision, as that section of trail tends to be several degrees colder than anywhere else around).

Somehow, the rain still hasn't arrived, but is still projected as imminent.  Tomorrow is currently forecast for mid- to high-forties, with rain.  Rain doesn't sound too bad, with that temperature.  I might well do the trail loop again, maybe with those extra miles.

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