W not in Cards for Cheese-Packers

I was a bit torn watching the Packers/Cards game this evening. I've been a casual fan of the Packers for a long time. Not a "follow them closely"-type of thing, just a "like to see them do well"-type of thing, based on respecting the way they're run, mostly.

And I mostly root for the underdogs. Well, the Cards have been so bad for so long, that even though they were in the Superbowl last year, I still consider them an underdog. So my normal rooting inclination would be for them. Plus, Warner was a lot of fun to watch when he was at the top of his game in St Louis.

Which left me just hoping for a good game. Or good half, really, since I missed the first half. And, man, that was a good half. Well, mostly it was a good half for Green Bay, and not just because they scored fourteen more points than the Cards. Green Bay's defense played a whole lot better.

Actually, Arizona's defense looked like it wasn't even there for much of the half. Green Bay's played pretty well, but was picked apart by passes completed to well-covered receivers (or completed on desperation heaves as the penultimate TD pass was).

And despite having 90 points scored in regulation, the winning TD was on a defensive play? By the defense that was largely missing in the second half? Are you kidding me? I don't think I'd've believed someone telling me that, if I hadn't seen it. That was a hell of a grab by Dansby, getting that in mid-air (which was important, because if it had hit the ground there would have at least been serious replay reviews to settle whether the arm was in motion when it was knocked free. To be clear, it looked to me like Rodgers' arm had stopped going forward before it was hit, but it was awfully close).

And now the Cards play the Saints? Man, I have no idea who to prefer in that one, either. Hope for a good game, I guess.

And, btw, am I the only one who still thinks of the Cardinals as being in St Louis? (For those too young to remember, both Cardinals teams were in St Louis when I was growing up.)

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