You've Got the Touch!

My wife first bought me an iPod a number of years ago when we were still dating (how many years? It was a first generation iPod; all of 5GB). I used it a great deal for the first couple of years, but haven't used it a whole lot since.

I've debated getting a newer model several times over the years, but kept concluding that it wasn't worth it. When the Touch came out, I debated it again. A year and a half ago (or thereabouts), I decided I'd get one when a 64GB model came out, since that'd hold all my music with space left over for several movies.

Of course, by the time that came out, my music collection had grown to over 70GB all by itself. So forget about putting all of that one there, let alone any movies.

So I mulled it over for several months. But at Christmas time, my wife made up my mind for me, as she got one for me. Fortunately, the options for synchronization have improved greatly since I last looked, but it's still significantly short. Actually, it's significantly more short, since my collection is now up to 79GB. I blame it on Amazon, and their free sampler albums (plus the occasional very cheap album from a band that I like).

I still really need to start playing with the SDK; I haven't even looked at that yet. That definitely needs to change.

Although I've still found a number of very cool Apps in the App Store.

The irony, in fact, is that I almost never listen to music on the Touch; I mostly use it for accessing various Apps. Ok, most of the reason for that is that I can't take it into my office at work. Still, I find it amusing. Yes, I'm easily amused. :)

And movies? I haven't even copied any over. Or photos, for that matter.

Oh, and in case anyone's wondering (especially Transformer fans), yes, I do have the song I referenced in the title on my iPod. Damned good song, even if the only songs I have by Stan Bush are from that soundtrack.

Oh yeah, and I am irked that the Touch doesn't include a camera or GPS. They both preclude some Golf apps that I would certainly use.

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