Near the top

I almost hate to write this, as the Caps have been playing so well of late, and I'd hate to jinx it, but they're back to within two points of the top of the league. And with the best goal differential in the league by a bunch. Definitely good times.

Hopefully Varlamov or Theodore will be back within a few days. Not sure what the expected timeframe is for either.

While I'm mentioning the Caps, though, I thought I'd particularly point out Alexander Semin. He's got 19 points in the last ten team games. Very impressive. (Now that I look, Ovie's got 20 over the same stretch. That's quite a 1-2 punch. Of course, the team's got 53 goals in that span, so it isn't like they've been doing it all.)

I must say, though, he's a bit of an enigma overall. He's shown flashes, for as long as a month at a time, where he's been every bit as good as Ovie. But then he'll practically disappear for a week at a time, also.

I wish I had some idea how to get him to perform at the level he's capable of, for an entire season. I think he'd at least be in the running for the Art Ross trophy.

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