La Coupe mondiale en pensant

Just watched the US/Slovenia game and Germany/Slovakia. Man, that was some bad officiating in both.

Germany looked quite good for most of the game. Podolsky's shot was definitely off for the entire game. I was certainly apprehensive when I saw that he was going to be taking the penalty shot. And Klose? He was having a very good game (it was the best passing I'd seen from him) before the two cards. And both of those cards were terrible calls.

Actually, I think there were only two legitimate cards in that entire game. The only positive thing I can say is that at least both teams were hurt by it, but Germany quite disproportionately so, with the ejection. Both teams are going to have to be very careful in their group game, with so many players carrying a yellow over.

And the US game? It was actually kind of interesting, for me. I almost found myself rooting for Slovenia, just because it was so cool to see such an underdog doing so well. They really dominated the first half, looking much better than they did against Algeria.

But the waived third US goal? That was atrocious refereeing. Really terrible. Two US players being handcuffed in the box, and the US goal got vacated. I didn't understand that one at all.

Oh, and Guch was completely overmatched by Nojakovic (sp?). He just didn't have the speed to keep up at all.

And one detail I forgot to mention yesterday. I'm used to seeing Nigerians (or am I getting confused with Nairobi, which I know is in Kenya?) in marathons and other long distance runs, so I picture them as sticks. That Nigerian back line? Those dudes are scary. They look like they could be bouncers at bars.

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