At the beginning of the season, one of the projection systems (CHONE?) was predicting a 2.50 ERA for Strasburg, based on Major League Equivalencies of his college (and Arizona Fall League?) stats.

That seemed outrageously low; I thought he'd be doing well to get a 3.50 ERA.

But after four starts, and in spite of allowing a ridiculously high .358 BABIP, he had a 1.78 ERA. And his FIP was even lower. Huh?!? Amazing.

I remembered, when I was giving my daughter a bath, this evening that Strasburg was starting tonight, and got downstairs in time to catch the strikeout to end the sixth inning. Unfortunately, things fell apart for him after that.

A leadoff double was completely wasted by a sacrifice and a strikeout (chasing a pitch nearly a foot off the plate).

And then the wheels fell right off the cart. A leadoff walk to Chipper was followed by a single up the middle by McCann. Then a sure double-play ball was booted by Desmond. And it just kept getting worse.

Strasburg ended up responsible for four runs (although perhaps they weren't all earned; I'm too lazy to check), and the Nats were down 5-0 at the end of the inning.

Ugly, ugly stuff.

It'd be really nice if he could get some run support, so he could think about getting wins to go with his excellent performance.

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