A FAQ, a FAQ, my kingdom for a FAQ

I also watched the british comedy FAQ About Time Travel this weekend (note that that's a PAL disk, so most standard def US TVs will not play it). I got it mostly because of Anna Faris, since I'd seen her in a couple of other things lately, which was not a good reason to get it (not that she was bad, it's just that her part was much smaller than I expected).

In any event, it's mostly a spoof of time-travel movies which is primarily interesting because of the way it changes your perceptions of certain scenes repeatedly.

I've heard it described that ~90% of a story (book or movie) should be finding ways to drive the main characters up a tree while lighting a fire underneath. The big weakness of this film is that it gets them out of the tree by having the tree suddenly stop existing. Paradox should not be a way out of difficulty.

This was only the second thing I'd seen Chris O'Dowd in (The IT Crowd being the other), and I should definitely look for more of him. He was very funny, as in The IT Crowd.

Other than that, it was pretty funny, with its combination of geekiness and skepticism, and the great job with the interaction of the three principles. But the parts that were supposed to be scary just weren't.

Overall, I guess it was interesting and a bit funny, but nothing all that great.

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