What shape is the earth in?

Just looked at this daring fireball post. It's actually worse than he says. Not only is it very close to 100% of climate scientists (I suspect there are at least a few who do not, who are considered crackpots by their peers) who believe global warming is happening, but it is also scientists in other disciplines (like those who study the other planets and moons of those planets, those studying glaciers, those studying the composition of the atmosphere, etc). I wouldn't say it's impossible that they're all wrong, but I would say that the odds are akin to any one person's chance of winning the jackpot of the lottery.

Oh, and that media obsession with appearing balanced by giving up all usefulness is hugely destructive of our nation.

Seriously, think about this. When you start a business, you need to build that business on providing value to the consumer. If you don't provide value to the consumer, you're going out of business very quickly unless you have a monopoly on something with inelastic demand.

Anyway, my point in mentioning that is this. What does the news do to provide value to the consumer? If they just tell you what the politicians are saying, then what value are they adding? If they verify facts, and call a lie a lie, then they have done something useful for the consumer. If not, they're simply somebody's propaganda tool.

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