Blown away

I didn't get to see hardly any of the Caps game tonight. My recording had a large chunk (all?) of Bloodsport, which was quite bizarre. The crawl along the bottom said that the game couldn't be shown. But when I went to live (the game was still in the second period), it was on. So, not sure what happened.

In any event, though, I ended up glad that the recording was blown. When I turned it on, it was late in the second, and the Caps were already down 4-0. Almost immediately, I saw at the top of the screen that takeaways were 9-0 going the wrong way. That, combined with the fairly listless play I saw in the several minutes I watched, led me to just turn it off.

And, given that the Caps couldn't manage a single goal against Carolina's third string (I think) goalie, I'm glad that I did. And while the Caps did manage to get a few takeaways, the final tally was 20-4. So it didn't get any closer. I would have been really pissed off if I'd sat through that.

Oh, and score effects be damned, because they only managed 17 shots on goal. Oy.

If there was a positive to take out of the game, I have no idea what it was.

This is a team that should be desperate, and they seem to have sleep-walked through the game. Ugh. If this is the best they can do, McPhee should cut bait on this season, and trade Wideman, Knuble, Vokoun, and just about every other non-core veteran. Then, at least, games like this will be less painful, as they'll improve draft position for next season.

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