Caps weekend

I was pretty happy with the Caps game on Saturday against Montreal. I wasn't able to pay total attention to it; I had to watch both of my kids while my wife was doing work. But they looked pretty good, from what I did see.

They weren't outplaying Montreal by much; it was a much closer game than the score would indicate. But things were moving in the right direction, I think. And I'm pretty sure the scoring chance numbers after two periods were indicative of that.

Like the Tampa game, they were moving play more in their own direction. Not as much as I would like, of course, but baby steps are being made. (Of course, maybe it's just a case of Tampa and Montreal not being very good teams, so I'm reading too much into nothing. :) I just hope that they keep making these steps until they're tilting the ice in their own favor, even against the good teams.

Unfortunately, I watched too many other things since the game, and don't really remember anything more specific.

And that's despite missing the Boston game entirely. For some reason, the DVR didn't record that game at all. The only thing I can think of was that it got confused when I stopped the upcoming recording of the NBC Sports hockey game, and stopped recording of both games.

I will say that it went about as I expected, though I'd certainly hoped for better. The shot totals are slightly encouraging, but only slightly, because Boston was leading in shots and goals after one. It was only once they were behind that the Caps managed to get ahead.

And Brooksy went out with a knee injury. Oy. If he's out for any length of time (and yes, I know Hunter claimed that it is day-to-day, but so was Green, before he went out for four weeks and change. Then went out again almost immediately for another six weeks. Yep, I totally completely believe team injury reports), I'm beginning to think that the Caps should be deadline sellers, and just write off this season. Sad, I know.

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