Prepping for doomsday?

For fairly stupid reasons, I was unable to continue watching the Caps game for a bit, so I flipped over to this absolute trainwreck of a show called Doomsday Preppers. Apparently, the National Geographic channel puts out a call to people waiting for doomsday, to see what their preparations are for that eventuality. I don't watch the channel, but I would certainly expect them to have higher standards for their programming.

The person they had on (who apparently had five years worth of food on-hand for herself, but was worried about defending herself) was worried about "a government takeover". I kept wanting to ask, "takeover of what? They're already in charge".

Sadly, I watched the rest of the episode, hoping it would start to make a bit more sense. But no. And at the end of the show, they had that explicit call for people to talk about their own preparations for a future show.

I knew two people who were working for the National Geographic channel back when it was starting up, and I hope neither of them is in any way involved with the show. It's just ... I don't know what I really expected from the channel, but definitely something better than that.

Then the second show (which I only watched a few minutes of) was about finding stuff using metal detectors. Well, they won't be filming any episodes of that show in Virginia.

I guess I expected pretty high-brow programming from Nat Geo, probably pretty similar to The Discovery Channel. But this was just a train-wreck. So how do I stop reception of that channel, again?

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