Flying out of the playoff picture

Given the Caps road record so far this season, two games ago it was looking like the Caps would pretty much need to win all of their home games to have a chance to get into the playoffs. After losing the first two of those home games, they've got to win the rest of the home games, and play around .500 away. Sad that I don't think they can do it.

To be fair, though, the Caps looked quite good this evening. I actually missed the first part of the game, not realizing that the time change meant that my recording wasn't going to get the game (at least, I assume that's why the DVR didn't pick it up). I turned it on right after Brouwer crushed one of the Flyers into the bench, opening the door with the hit (and didn't get to see a replay until the period break). Apparently they picked up some momentum from that, and looked much better afterwards.

They were getting pressure, making chances, cycling well (actually, might have been the best cycling I've seen from this team all season), and getting a good forecheck. But they couldn't solve Bryz (which is amazing, considering how terrible he's been of late); he looked quite good.

Orlov had a particularly good game, with some really crunching hits and keeping the play away from the Caps net. Beagle also looked very good on the forecheck and the cycle, and created some problems for Philadelphia. Carlson and Alzner did nothing spectacular, but did a great job of shutting down Philly's top line.

But Philly was able to get one deflected shot off and past Neuvy, and was able to make that stand up.

It was not a fun game to watch, especially after that goal, but it wasn't a terrible one. I just kept expecting them to put one in the net, and it kept not happening.

Neuvy looked great; that one shot was a very, very difficult one, and he still almost made it. He was locked in, and didn't deserve the loss at all. Having said that, I hope he gets a rest next game; let's not tire him out, even if the odds of making the playoffs are tiny, at this point.

That's pretty much it for tonight. Next game is Tuesday against Carolina. I'm comfortable calling it a "must win" for the Caps.

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