Spurious defeats

It wasn't planned, but I've caught the last two Tottenham games, versus Arsenal and versus Man U, and both were very entertaining games. The Arsenal game had Spurs go up two-nil, and Arsenal storm back with five unanswered goals. van Persie continues to impress me (I guess he better, since he's leading the Premiership in goals :) and the whole side looked quite good.

Today's Man U game was interesting from an entirely different angle. Spurs dominated the first half almost entirely; neither Rooney nor Nani got significant touches and Tottenham got a number of good chances (one goal called back on a hand-ball, even). But Rooney got his head on a corner kick in the waning moments, and the Red Devils took a small lead into the half.

Tottenham continued to play very well, still dominating play through the first third of the second half. But a defensive breakdown gave a dangerous cross to Man U, and Ashley Young caught the end of it and put it in the net on a nice volley. And nine minutes later, Ashley Young got the ball just outside the box with some time, and put it into the corner of the net. That left Tottenham basically out of it, almost completely deflated. They did score a late goal on a terrible giveaway by late substitute Giggs, but the outcome wasn't in doubt.

Tottenham have to be downcast; that ended their chance of putting themselves in the running for the title, and left them vulnerable to charging Arsenal. So they could find themselves barely qualifying for the Champions League for next season. The end of the season will be interesting.

And two more notes on Ashley Young: he looked terrible in the first half, but came back for the pair of goals in the second. And those were his third and fourth goals of the season; the first two were also scored in only one game (against Arsenal). Very funky.

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