Hungering for the Games?

My alternate office (was my main office for quite a while, but I only go there occasionally, of late) where I work has TV, generally tuned to CNN.  Today, I noticed them putting a note in the chyron about The Hunger Games books outselling Harry Potter, series vs series.

For a couple of different reasons, I was quite incredulous about that.  For one, I think Harry Potter is a better series.  For another, it's been out a lot longer, and set all kinds of records as each successive volume was released.

But, upon further consideration, they probably meant that the Hunger Games series sells more books, week to week, than Harry Potter does now.  And that I can believe (it's still a bit surprising, but doesn't seem impossible).  It's a lot easier to get into a three-volume series than a seven-volume one.  And there's only one movie, so that's even easier.

I did find it a bit ironic, though, it coming up now, because I just started re-reading The Hunger Games yesterday.  I'm hoping that it stands up to closer scrutiny; I think it will, but it can be hard to tell (Harry Potter, by comparison, I've read several times, though only twice since the seventh tome was released).

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