My daughter had a swimming class yesterday, and as my son and I were waiting for her, we caught a few minutes on the TV of Ryan's acceptance speech of the vice presidential nomination under Romney.

I don't have a whole lot to say about the whole thing.  I think he'd be a disaster for everyone who isn't extremely rich, but, under Romney, there's nothing new there.  It certainly brings up the question of whether Romney would also be for ending Medicare in all but name.

That would certainly be a good way to prevent large, future budget deficits, once Medicare enters the red, but it'd be a disaster for anyone needing medical care.  Especially if, as promised, Romney does find a way to repeal "Obamacare".

The government's share of costs might well decrease (in fact, I can see no way in which it wouldn't), but the costs themselves would explode.  Well, maybe not if that repeal happens, but only because so many elderly would find themselves unable to get medical insurance at all.

Anyway, we'll see what happens with respect to that.  One thing I found amusing, though, was that the coverage sometimes pulled back (the cameras were mostly in tight on his face), and when it did, we could see (one of?) the teleprompter(s?) he was using.  Not that I think that's a big deal, generally, but when one attacks another for using them, one should be significantly embarrassed to then use one themselves.

Ah well.  I'm curious to see what right wing reaction to the nomination is.  My guess is "ho-hum", but it'd be interesting if it wasn't.

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