Who drives the rape lobby?

Forgot to write about it at the time, but last week, I ran across the fact that 31 states believe rapists deserve visitation (and perhaps other parental) rights. That just blows my mind.

I was about to write that I can forsee some rare circumstances where that might make sense, but I really can't. The one circumstance I can think of where it might make a tiny amount of sense would require the mother to agree (statutory rape where the women ends up marrying the "rapist". Yes, it happens.  I don't know how often, but it does). But if she does, there's no reason to craft laws requiring it, it would come out of the marriage.

Ugh. "You've just had the worst experience of your life, now you'll be forced to deal with the person who caused it for the next eighteen years. How are you feeling?"

How does this happen? The rapist lobby? Seriously, it blows my mind. I cannot account for it.

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