Getting a mite damp...

Hurricane Sandy is currently overhead (or, at least, the outriders of the storm are overhead), and have been dumping rain on us for most of the day.  It hasn't seemed that bad, although one tree of our neighbors has been knocked over, and a high school a couple of miles away supposedly saw winds of just over a hundred mph earlier today.

We've been pretty lucky, no doubt; our power has only gone out briefly so far; let's hope that doesn't change.

Basically, though, the entire region seems to be shut down, and that seems a bit much.  I guess we'll see, when we know a bit more about the overall effects.  I wonder if I'm making light of it too much; certainly my wife is a lot more concerned than I am.

One thing is for sure, my wife has turned on the all-news station here a bit, and they seem dedicated to scaring the bejeezus out of everyone around (not helped by commercials seeming to be about an even split between election propaganda and lawyers looking for clients to sue drug companies).  I guess they're just happy to have something pulling in a lot more viewers.  Sometimes I hate our so-called civilization.

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