Indianapolis thirty

I caught an interview (hat tip to Gruber, IIRC) of Spielberg a while ago, talking about the blu-ray release of the original three (which is to say, good) Indiana Jones movies.  In it, they also talked about the limited IMAX release of Raiders of the Lost Ark.  I looked ahead, and saw that I could probably make it (thanks to the warning).

So I got my dad and a good friend, and we caught an afternoon showing the day it opened.  It had been a good twenty years (at least) since I had seen it (though I had seen it 20+ times before that).

My friend commented, most of the way through it, that he was happy it had been so long since he'd seen it; he didn't remember all the specifics.  That, unfortunately, was not the case for me, but I still found it a lot of fun to watch.

One minor detail I'd never caught (at least not right) was the name of the pilot's snake at the beginning.  I remember seeing it originally, and just thinking "Yankees cap, therefore Reggie = Reggie Jackson".  It hadn't occurred to me that the movie was taking place before that Reggie was even born (not by much, now that I look it up).  Which leaves me wondering who Reggie was named after.

One other thing I hadn't known (and that my friend pointed out to me) was that the big German bruiser Ford fought over, under, and around the plane was a famous wrestler.  Makes sense; I just hadn't heard of him (the couple of years in which I followed wrestling were 5-10 years later).

It definitely says something about the movie that I still enjoyed it, despite remembering almost everything that happened in it.  I haven't bought that blu-ray set yet, but I will.  Watching that was a good way to spend an afternoon.

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