Penultimate Road Stop

Well, I can't say as I had the greatest optimism about last night's game. The fact that things had kept going in the Caps favor with evidence of a lot of luck, and how many times they've recently gone up 4-0, and the fact that the last game had gone so well... Well, you knew the other shoe was going to drop at some point.

And boy, did it. They were completely dominated last night; most of the play was in their own end. Shots were 38-19 in favor of the Sens, with Washington having 60% more blocked shots as well. Just ugly, almost from start to finish.

Even the Caps one goal was a combination of lucky bounces and one hell of a play by Erat (hitting the puck in mid-air twice; once to "stop" it and once to pass to Ribeiro). Certainly couldn't fault Anderson for it.

It was an odd game for Holtby, though. He was mostly fantastic (could have easily allowed several goals with merely good play), but both non-empty net goals being on him (one a shot that should have been easy; the other a bit of a mis-play behind the net leading to a goal before he could get back in front).

In the attacking end, Anderson was ready for just about everything the Caps tried; it was definitely a good game for him as well. But the Caps didn't get to him much; basically just on the power play and at the ends of the periods. Far too much of the play before that was in the Caps end.

Ah well. It was a bad game, but we knew there'd be at least one or two more of those before the end of the season. The only really bad part of it is that the Jets won their game, so they're only two points behind the Caps now.

And next, the Caps face the Habs in their last non-home game of the season. Quite a roller-coaster the end of this season is turning out to be. Let's hope the Caps can win the next two; that would pretty much lock them into 3rd in the conference.

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