Present leave

I heard, a couple of days ago, that Roger Ebert had had a relapse, and was taking what he called a 'leave of presence' for more therapy.  That leave was cut short today when he passed away from the throat cancer he's been fighting for several years.

I don't really have a lot to say about him; I haven't been reading him in quite a while, although I regret that.  He was probably the most influential film critic around (Pauline Kael is the only one I can think of who would be close), and was very prolific.  He kept a busy schedule just with his Sun-Times reviews, but also found time to write books (seventeen of them), screenplays (only a couple), maintain the best-known movie-review show for many years, and keep a blog.

A great one has passed.  Resquiescat in pace, Roger.

Update:  I've forgotten to mention this for several days now, but here's a few thoughts on death from Ebert, from several years ago.

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