Adventures in Marketing?

I got a flyer in the mail from Acura today (well, sometime in the last several days; I didn't notice till today) saying that they're having a sale, and listing some of the models.  Nothing terribly surprising, there (my last two cars have been Acuras).

But the first page mentions an ILX, which didn't exist last time I looked at new Acura's.  So I looked a little closer.  Anyway, what caught my eye in the model comparison is that it mentions, for the hybrid models, a Continuously Variable Transmission and Sequential SportShift Paddle Shifters.

I can't quite figure out why one model would have both of those.  The whole point of CVT is that there aren't set gear ratios to be shifted between.  The ratio changes continuously to provide optimum (define optimum here however you want; it doesn't change the point) power/performance at all speeds.  So I can't figure out how you'd use a paddle shifter with it.

Maybe someone in marketing just screwed up the web site.

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