And it all goes to hell

I alluded to the attacks of Israel on Gaza, a few days ago.  Well, the one part I didn't know at the time was that Hamas was firing missiles at Israel.  I don't think it changes the entire equation, but it's certainly a stupid (if understandable, given their frustration at not being able to control their own homes) provocation for a situation that didn't need any more.

But on the flip side, Israel has now also attacked such insurgent hotbeds as hospitals (to much lower casualties than I would have expected, though I imagine it's "the gift that keeps on giving" as the Palestinians have less ability to treat people wounded in the assault now).

As you'd probably expect, casualties are running about 20:1 Palestinian vs Israeli (honestly, that's a lower ratio than I'd've expected, given that Israel is using tanks and airplanes, while Palestinians are using unguided rockets and handguns).

The one thing I can't figure out is what is the endgame that Israel envisions.  This is supposedly deterrent for three teenagers killed by a radical fringe group.  When does it stop?

And do they really think that this will stop radical fringe groups like that?  I'd bet it gave groups like that virtually unlimited volunteers for further mayhem.

But to get back to Israel's calculus, when do they stop?  They've already passed 100:1 killing of Palestinians vs the three Israeli teens who were the justification for the attack (in fact, my numbers are from this morning's Post, and I wouldn't be surprised if they've cleared 200:1 by now).  Do they stop at 1000:1?  10000:1?  When they've pushed everyone in Gaza into an area of a few acres?  I don't know, but this kind of mass killing is just horrific.

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