Power weirdness

The county is putting a sidewalk in front of my house and needed to move the utility pole in front.  No, they couldn't take the opportunity to run power lines underground (which might not be cheap, but is a lot cheaper than it used to be), instead they'll move the pole a foot or two.

Turns out doing this not only took my power out (which they kindly warned me about, giving me time to fix my UPS configuration), but also took out my FiOS connection.  They didn't interrupt the line, as far as I can tell, but it seems to've taken out the Verizon distribution box (though I talked to them a few minutes before that, and they assured me that wouldn't be the case).

When the power was put back on, everything came back, including the connection, and I didn't even lose my IP reservation.  Which spared me having to call Verizon, and made me somewhat happy.

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