What does accessibility mean?

I was listening to the latest Debug podcast, which was talking about Swift.  There were a number of interesting technical bits in there, but they made a detour into accessibility, and there were several eye-opening things for me when they talked about that.

The first was thinking of accessibility a little differently; thinking of it as just "inclusiveness".  And one of the guests, Ms Natalia Berdys, after bringing that up, also brought up an pretty amazing Vimeo video by Robin Christopherson, that showed a lot of what Apple's accessibility enabled.

I'd heard of adding accessibility before, of course, but never thought a whole lot about it.  It was just incredible to see how it all worked, and how fast he could manipulate his iPhone, despite being blind.

It's fairly lengthy, but even the first ten minutes is enough to give you quite a feel for how it works.

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